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WelcomeHealth receives grant from Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Amidst the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, WelcomeHealth is still open for its low-income patients in need of no-cost medical and urgent dental care — thanks to community partnerships.

Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation has recently granted WelcomeHealth $50,000 to cover the expenses of healthcare services for the most vulnerable community members, according to WelcomeHealth’s press release.

“The support from this foundation dates back many years, and our staff, board members and patients are so grateful for the ongoing gifts that Walker Charitable Foundation gives us,” WelcomeHealth Development Director Brittney Gulley said in the release.

With over 57,000 Northwest Arkansas residents living in poverty and without insurance, there is a need for free healthcare in the area, the release states.

“We have a feeling the need will only continue to grow since more and more businesses are laying off employees and canceling employee benefits,” Gulley said in the release. “We want to be the answer to those who need routine medical and urgent dental care to keep them out of the local emergency rooms.”