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Scholarship program awards $424,690



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Graduating seniors received more than $424,690 in local awards during the 45th annual Siloam Springs High School Scholarship Program on Thursday.

More than $1.96 million in college scholarships were also presented during the virtual program, although college actual scholarship totals were likely higher, according to Scholarship Director Amber Carter.

The local scholarship program has raised a total of $13.93 million from Siloam Springs businesses, individuals, organizations, alumni groups and nonprofits over its 45-year history, Carter said. This year 555 individual scholarship awards were presented and all 172 students who applied for a local scholarship received one, she said.

Siloam Springs had a record 46 honor and high honor graduates, with 14 students tied for the number one spot in their class, Carter said.

Local scholarships show students the community believes in them, Carter said.

“Not every kid will be the top of their class, but every kids deserves chance and the encouragement to go out and do this,” she said.

The program took place virtually for the second year in a row because of the covid-19 pandemic, Carter said. When the scholarship committee was planning the event in early spring, restrictions were still in place and it was difficult to know what the future would hold, she said.

Film and television teachers Megan Dennison and Tiffany Hamilton created the program. School staff members delivered yard signs to students receiving scholarships to celebrate their achievement and families watched the streaming event from home, she said.