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Mercy Northwest Arkansas hosts COVID-19 remembrance honoring health care workers



ROGERS, Ark. — Mercy Northwest is celebrating Health Care Week. And to kick things off, they held a remembrance ceremony to highlight the staff’s efforts during the pandemic, “Brighter Days Ahead,  Because of You.”

The ceremony was held Monday (May 10) morning to recognize health care workers for their compassion and efforts throughout the year.

President of Mercy Clinic, Dr. Steve Goss, said, “We’re proud, and we were really recognizing everyone as we’ve come out of this past year of pandemic and COVID-19 and all that’s required and taken out of people.”

Dr. Goss says he’s aware of how difficult the pandemic has been on health care workers this year.

“There’s been a lot of work, a lot of intense work, a lot of really emotional work that’s happened in the facility during that time to take care of those people,” said Gross.

Recognition that Intensive Care Unit Manager Emily Gole, RN, said it is really appreciated.

“It means a lot. It really does,” said Gole.

She said that for her and all of the nurses she has worked alongside over the last year, the patients really kept them motivated.

“Knowing that they’ve made people’s days better in such a trying time – that’s really what keeps us moving forward – that gratification in knowing we’ve given people second chances, or we’ve given people dignity in dying,” said Gole.

The ceremony also took time to honor the Covid-19 patients that their facility cared for with a display of pinwheels.

“We have 900 pinwheels which represents the number of people who had COVID-19 that we took care of in the hospital this past year. 140 of those are a little bit different colored because those were the number that died,” said Gole.

The ceremony consisted of various speakers thanking health care workers for their efforts and words of encouragement as we see the pandemic come to a hopeful close. Goss says he’s optimistic for the future.