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Gentry officers commended for lifesaving action



GENTRY, Ark. — Two Gentry police officers received a commendation on April 20 for saving the life of a Gentry resident who suffered a gunshot wound from an accidental discharge of a firearm he had in his pocket.

According to the letter of commendation issued by Gentry Police Chief Clay Stewart, Officers Matthew Easter and Tyler Kell responded to a call related to an accidental discharge of a firearm on March 30 and found that a victim had been shot in the leg by a small pistol in his pants pocket and was unconscious, bleeding profusely, losing all skin color and struggling to breathe.

Officers Easter and Kell immediately applied a tourniquet to the leg just above the gunshot wound and then secured the pistol. Paramedics arrived shortly after and rushed the victim to the hospital where he underwent surgeries to repair the severed artery and gunshot wound.

Chief Stewart said it was reported to him by paramedics and by medical staff at the hospital that the victim would likely have died at the scene were it not for the quick life-saving action of Officers Easter and Kell.

The injured man is expected to make a full recovery, according to information released by Stewart, and is very appreciative of the quick actions of the two Gentry police officers that saved his life.