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Ballot error found in Fayetteville school board race



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A ballot error was discovered Friday in the race for the Zone 2 seat on the Fayetteville School Board.

Jennifer Price, election director, said precincts 9A and 9B were switched and the school board race was in the wrong precinct. Price said a voter was looking for the race and questioned why it was not on the ballot they were given. The error was corrected Friday after it was discovered, Price said.

Price said the county has identified 77 voters who are eligible to vote in the Zone 2 race but did not have the opportunity to do so. Those voters are being sent a ballot through the mail that they can turn in at the County Clerk’s Office, Price said.

Price said there were another 44 voters who were given ballots with the Zone 2 race and may have cast votes in the contest even though they are not eligible to do so. Once the ballots are cast, Price said, they can’t be identified or removed so those votes, if any, will be counted.