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Voter discovers error on Washington County ballot



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A voter discovered an error on a Washington County ballot.

The Fayetteville School board race for Zone 2 ended up in the wrong precinct.

According to the Washington County Election Commission, precincts 9A and 9B were switched.

When the error was found, 77 voters in the correct precinct didn’t get the change to vote in the race.

A total of 44 voters given ballots with Zone 2 may have cast their votes in that contest.

Washington County Election Commission Jennifer Price said the mistake was fixed immediately.

“Will actually receive a ballot with just that Zone 2 race on it from the County Clerk’s office that they can fill out and bring back to the Clerk’s Office before March 3,” Price said.

Price said election officials do not have a way to identify or remove any of the ballots with error so any votes cast for Zone 2 will be counted.