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Arkansas pharmacists outline who can get a COVID-19 vaccine now and where they can get it



Arkansas – The first two vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are now being administered in Arkansas, but many people still have questions about who is eligible to get vaccinated and where they go for a shot.

The Arkansas Pharmacists Association has listings online that outline which individuals are currently eligible to receive a vaccination at pharmacies around the state.

Most of those individuals are people working in health care who did not get vaccinations directly at the facility where they are employed, including first responders, hospice care workers, therapists and others.

Starting Monday, January 18, additional groups will become eligible, including Arkansas residents over the age of 70, residents 65 and over with health conditions that put them at great risk to COVID-19 and faculty and staff at K-12 schools, colleges and universities and daycares.

The group is also clarifying just who is NOT currently eligible, including patients 75 and older, school employees and patients with chronic conditions. They also noted that just because someone may fall into an eligible group, that person’s family and friends don’t necessarily also get to receive the vaccine.