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Arkansas schools preparing to administer COVID-19 vaccine for teachers and staff



Arkansas — Arkansas schools are getting ready to administer COVID-19 vaccines for teachers and staff, the Springdale School District says.

Starting next week, Jan. 20-22, the Springdale School District will have pop-up vaccination clinics on their campuses. Working with the Community Pharmacy of Springdale, officials say they can administer 18 vaccinations in a 10-minute time frame.

“We are going to start at Springdale High School in their axillary gym, that’ll be on Wednesday the 20th, we’ll start at noon and end at seven,” said Kathy Launder, Springdale Schools School Nurse Director. “On Thursday, we will go to Don Tyson in their gym, at the same time frame 12-7. And on Friday, we will go to Har-ber high school in their gym from 12-7.”

Springdale Schools officials say they requested 2,000 doses from the state but are still unsure how much they will actually receive.

Fort Smith schools say they are also working with local pharmacies to host their own COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

Fort Smith school officials say they are still working out their plan but say their 2000 staff members should receive an update by early next week.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, schools across Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley have the highest number of COVID-19 cases.