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$3,700 worth of chemotherapy medicine is stolen from front porch, porch pirate caught on camera



FAYETTEVILLE, AR— The Fayetteville Police Department responded to a theft when a porch pirate stole a $3,700 worth of chemotherapy medication from a cancer patient’s porch.

The authorities are reminding residents to be mindful about their packages.

“That kind of shocks you,” Sgt. Tony Murphy with the Fayetteville Police Department. “It makes you want to dig into the case and put that person behind bars.”

Reportedly, the suspect was under the semblance of a food delivery driver when he stole the package.

The homeowner got him on a Nest doorbell camera.

“Probably the most important evidence to catch the person,” said Sgt. Murphy.

The Fayetteville Police Dept. advises residents, if possible, to install cameras on their doors, so it would be easier to catch the thieves.

The department also asks the porch pirates to mind their own business.

“Don’t be messing with people’s mail,” Sgt. Murphy said. “Don’t mess with people’s boxes. Don’t mess with people in general. Just mind your business and leave people alone. You won’t go to jail.”

Porch piracy isn’t anything new. However, there’s been a rise during the pandemic,as more people are shopping online.

“These porch pirates, a lot of the time, have no idea what they’re stealing,” said District 75 State Representative Lee Johnson. “They’re just randomly driving up and taking packages”

Porch pirating is a felony in Arkansas, which could lead to up to six years in prison.

“It’s theft whether it’s a $5 theft or a $1,000 theft,” Rep. Johnson said. He filled the bill to make it a felony in Arkansas.

The Fayetteville Police Department posted this on their Facebook account:

“We want to remind everyone that porch piracy is now a FELONY in the state of Arkansas. Even if the item stolen costs $5, it is still a felony. (Arkansas Code 5-36-103 Theft of a Postal Package). Unfortunately, in the video shown, the item stolen was not worth $5. It was about $3,700 worth of Chemotherapy medication stolen from a front porch under the guise of delivering food. This suspect has been identified and arrested. Please remember to be vigilant with your package deliveries. Having a video system like this one always helps. If you ever see anything suspicious, call us: (479)587-3555.”