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Vaccination plans for Arkansas schools



Arkansas — After learning that school staff has moved up on the vaccination list, several districts are preparing for teachers and all other members to get their shots as soon as next week, following the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Many of the school districts we talked to say they didn’t expect to get the vaccine this soon. So now they are working on trying to get the vaccine this soon and many of them are working with local pharmacies.

“Probably one of the best pieces of information that we’ve received since we started back,” PCSSD Assistant Superintendent for Equity and Pupil Services, Dr. Janice Warren said.

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel for school staff across Arkansas, after learning they will be able to get their COVID-19 vaccine starting next week.

“Majority are saying they are very excited that this vaccine is moving forward and they have the opportunity to get it here,” Benton School District Public Relations Director, Isabella Bradley said.

I spoke with Benton School District about their plan. They sent out surveys to staff and so far 50-60% said they want to get vaccinated.

“This is a sign up sheet where, if you sign up, great… if not, we’re not going to hold you to it,” Bradley said.

Meanwhile Pulaski County Special School District saw a similar situation, so far 74% of their staff has said they want the vaccine and 3% already scheduled themselves at a pharmacy elsewhere.

Both school districts are teaming up with local pharmacies.

“We are partnering with west side pharmacy, they are in town. We know that’s happening next Saturday and were glad that’s happening on a Saturday so there’s not interruption from classes,” Bradley said.

“They have contacted us, about being partners with us to administer the vaccine,” Warren said.

They’re also extending the vaccine invitation to subs and student teachers who work closely with students.

“Once we have those numbers we will provide those to the pharmacist who will provide it for us and then we’ll actually set the schedule,” Warren said.

We reached out to several school districts including LRSD — Officials there say they don’t have information they can release just yet.

NLRSD says they’re still planning but are looking at hosting a vaccine clinic. Meanwhile, the Conway School district said they are working with health care providers to host something for one location for all their staff. We will continue to update you on the developing story.