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U of A makes spring break changes; concern over COVID-19 spread remains



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – University of Arkansas students will not have their typical spring break due to the pandemic, but there could still be risk of exposure to COVID-19.

John Thomas with the U of A said spring break is broken up into three sets of a few days at a time, however, this still allows students to go home and travel where restrictions are loosening.

“When you have that four day break- even if it’s just a weekend and a Monday and a Tuesday-you still have that opportunity to travel, especially to go home, and that’s the perfect time to go home in my opinion,” said student, Cayden Hartman.

Hartman is one of the 6,300 U of A students from Texas, where the mask mandate and capacity restrictions were recently lifted.

“I fully expect vast majority of people who are from Texas to go home for breaks,” Hartman said.

But for Hartman, this is not the case.

“The danger of going to a place at 100% capacity, at least for me, is still too high.”

Thomas said while the university is still doing everything possible to keep the virus at bay, there are always outside risks.

“We have to remember this isn’t an Arkansas issue or a campus issue this is a worldwide issue,” Thomas said. “We know that there are things each person can do to help prevent or slow the spread of the virus, regardless of what those guidelines are in different states or different areas.”

Both Thomas and Hartman said students traveling over these breaks is inevitable, but they hope it can be done safely.