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Fayetteville VA getting vets vaccinated



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansans are working hard to get vaccines into arms and the VA is working as hard as the rest of them.

The director of pharmacy and one of the coordinators for the vaccination program at the VA, Chris Allbritton, says their vaccination process is going as well as it could be.

Allbritton says as of right now the VA has been able to get more than 11,000 vaccines into arms. Allbritton says as of March 3, the VA has moved been able to move on from vaccinating the federal definition of 1B to the federal definition of 1C.

A couple of the veterans who had been vaccinated at the VA, and say the process couldn’t be smoother.

“They called me, asked me if I wanted a vaccine I said yes, they scheduled it, I drove up, they checked my ID, gave me a shot and a card,” says Barbara Aguirre.

“The process was really simple, they called me to give me a time to show up,” adds Lonnie Young.

Because the VA has moved onto the federal definition of 1C, that means any veteran who is also an essential worker can now be vaccinated with the VA.