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Northwest Arkansas Council gives thousands of Covid-19 vaccines this week



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — More than 2,000 people got their Covid-19 vaccine Thursday (April 15) at two mass vaccination clinics in Northwest Arkansas.

The Northwest Arkansas Council has given close to 15,000 Covid-19 shots since they started at the end of February. They gave around 2,000 shots at two clinics Thursday (April 15), one at the old Sears building at the Northwest Arkansas Mall and the other at J.B. Hunt in Lowell.

“It’s one shot out of how many shots you are going to get in your life to do your part and protect other people even if you think you’ll be fine, well probably, maybe but you don’t want to get it and give it to someone else who won’t be fine,” Sydney Weiskopf said.

The Northwest Arkansas Council’s Health Care Transformation Division’s vaccination clinics are free of charge and no insurance is needed. You do not need to show any identification or give social security numbers to be vaccinated.

Through a translator, Jose Alonso Calzada Serrano says he is very happy to have gotten the vaccine today.

“He’s calling the community to come and take advantage of taking the vaccine. As we know many have gone because this wasn’t available before,” he said.

Executive Director of the Council’s Health Care Transformation Division, Ryan Cork says they are holding clinics two days a week with a goal of giving 5,000 shots a week.

“Having reached the lives of 15,000 first doses changes the landscape in how everyone is able to live and having their lifestyles and how active they are,” Cork said. “Being able to reunite with families and friends and just play a small part of that has been a tremendous feeling for us all.”

The Northwest Arkansas Council will be holding another vaccine clinic Friday (April 16) at J.B. Hunt in Lowell.