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Local family trying to raise money to buy gravestones for unmarked babies at Rogers Cemetery



ROGERS, Ark. — Brandi Morgan and her family are having a fundraiser to help purchase gravestones for babies who have unmarked graves in the “Baby Land” cemetery in Rogers.

After experiencing the loss of her own child, Jonas Morgan, 10 years ago, Brandi has visited Rogers Cemetery on his birthday every year. Brandi says it’s important for her family to have a memorial for Jonas to remember him by, but not every family can afford a headstone after experiencing that kind of loss.

“We’ve walked the rows and read the names on the stones while we may never know what that baby looked like or who that family is behind it, you know that baby existed and that family is there,” says Brandi.

Baby Land is located in the Northwest corner of the Rogers Cemetery where at least one hundred babies are buried, but alongside them are around eighty babies with no headstone. You can walk over the graves with no indication there is a child buried underneath.

Brandi says experiencing the loss of a child is a feeling no parent should ever know, and picking out a gravestone could be too much for some, while the financial strain could be a problem for others.

“Every dollar that’s donated, or every person that talks about the efforts or share what’s happening I just want them to know that this goes beyond headstones,” says Morgan.

The family is trying to raise 5000 dollars to help purchase small headstones that include the baby’s name and birthday provided by the cemetery. Families will have the option to remove them if requested.

Here is a link to their fundraiser and more about their family story.