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Health clinics help families cope mid-pandemic



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The mental toll from the COVID-19 pandemic has
left many feeling anxious, stressed and depressed.

Wellness and Courage is a counseling and psychiatric center in Fayetteville. Jamy Hunter is a
co-owner, a therapist and a mother of three.

“We have been here the entire time helping people through their struggles of anxiety and
depression, helping them get through to the next day,” Hunter said.

She says more moms have been coming into the clinic because they feel guilty.

“For not spending enough time with their kids because their kids are driving them crazy, or the
opposite maybe they are just too involved with their kids,” Hunter said.

At the clinic, they have also seen an increase in relationship processing, learning how to
communicate as parents or as couples, an increase in learning how to manage anxiety and
depression, and people feeling secluded.

According to Hunter, the best ways to deal with anxiety and depression is exercise.“If you could just get moving and not just sit around and stay stuck in your thoughts, that would
be helpful, just getting to move,” Hunter said.

There are even days when she is stressed.

“It’s so important for therapists especially to have somebody to process their feelings with,
ideally, another therapist that you can go to regularly,” Hunter said.