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Courtyard art installation to be installed at Gearhart Hall



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A new landmark is making its way to the University of Arkansas campus.

The Curvahedra, funded by David and Jane Gearhart, will be built in the courtyard of Gearhart Hall.

The Curvahedra is a spherical steel structure that will be 12 feet in diameter when installed and will sit in the heart of campus at the home of the University of Arkansas Honors College, Graduate School and Geosciences.

The Hall’s namesake told the university he appreciates the art value of the Curvahedra.

“Jane and I are delighted to support this initiative and to have followed it through its development. The sculpture is beautiful, but it also embodies sophisticated ideas about geometry and space,” David Gearhart said. “That seems like a good fit for Gearhart Hall.”

The sculpture was designed by British artist Edmund Harriss and collaborator Carl Smith, an associate professor of landscape architecture, as well as a group of honors students.