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City asks customers in far east Fayetteville and Goshen to conserve water



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.— The City of Fayetteville Utilities Department is asking residential and commercial customers on S. Habberton Road and to the east (in and near Goshen) to adjust water usage.

Due to high demand and usage in the morning, some residents are experiencing reduced water pressure.

The City is asking both residential and commercial customers in the affected area to adjust irrigation (landscape sprinkler/watering) schedules to occur between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.

With hot summer temperatures and heavy demand for irrigation, usage in Fayetteville and Goshen is high and parts of the water system are pushed to its limit.

Heavy summer water demand and rapid growth in east Fayetteville have contributed to this condition. City officials believe adjusting morning irrigation schedules to night time will allow the water system to recover before the morning rush.

The water is safe to consume and use; officials are only asking for water conservation during high-demand morning hours to help those customers with low pressure.

The 2017 Water Master Plan update includes recommendations for the east Fayetteville service area to be fitted with larger water lines and increased water storage.