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Art Ventures at Faulkner Center Presents Caged Bird and The Blue Room



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Art Ventures at Faulkner Center will present Caged Bird and The Blue Room exhibition starting Friday, Feb. 26, at the Jim and Joyce Faulkner Performing Arts Center.

Caged Bird and The Blue Room explores the artist’s experience of physical and psychological spaces caused by displacement. In her paintings and drawings, she recreates moments inspired by her everyday observation of Arkansas natural scenery, as well as glitched images recalled from the memory that alludes to urban life and Iranian Architecture. At some point, these two distinct realms collide and create a whole new reality. Caged Bird and The Blue Room is a reflection of these collisions and an invitation to the new reality.

The exhibition features works from Ziba Rajabi. Rajabi received her M.F.A. from the University of Arkansas and her BFA from the Sooreh University in Tehran, Iran. She is the recipient of the Artist 360 Grant, a program sponsored by Mid-America Arts Alliance. She primarily works with painting, drawing, fiber-based installation. Her work has been included in a number of exhibitions, nationally and internationally, such as Masur Museum, Los Angeles; CICA Museum, South Korea; Araan Gallery, Iran; The II Platform, United Kingdom; Pensacola Museum, Florida; Site: Brooklyn, New York; Amos Eno Gallery, New York; Tops Gallery, Tennesssee; The Soo Contemporary, Tehran, among many others. She has also been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center.