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Army ROTC Commissions 14 New Second Lieutenants



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Fourteen young men and women of the Razorback Battalion — U of A Army ROTC — raised their right hand and swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” becoming the newest second lieutenants of the United States Army on the morning of Friday, May 7.

These students not only worked very hard to obtain their academic degrees, but they additionally worked extra hard to meet the demanding requirements of the Army ROTC to become an officer in the greatest army on earth. Below is the list of our newly commissioned 2LTs, their earned degrees, as well as their Army career fields:

Sydney M. Algeo* — B.S. in biology and B.A. in psychology; medical humanities minor; pre-med; Child Advocacy Study Training Undergraduate Certificate, branching Military Police Corps, U.S. Army Reserves

Kyle D. Cloutier* — B.S.B.A. in management with concentration in small business and entrepreneurship; religious studies minor, branching Aviation, Arkansas Army National Guard

Fletcher M. Cowden — B.A. in journalism with broadcast concentration; branching Armor; Texas Army National Guard

Brock H. Darby — B.A. in history with emphasis on 20th century military history; geography minor; branching Air Defense Artillery; Active Duty

Matthew B. Dougherty — B.S.B.A. in supply chain management; branching Field Artillery; Arkansas Army National Guard

Jason D. Frater — B.S.B.A. in management with small business concentration; branching Ordnance Corps; Active Duty

Trever W. Hanna* — B.S.A. in agricultural business with an agri-management and marketing concentration; branching Field Artillery; Arkansas Army National Guard

Lance B. Huntsman — B.S.A. in animal science with general animal science concentration; branching Infantry; Active Duty

Tatiana J. McGraw — B.S. in biology; human development and family science minor; medical humanities minor; pre-med; branching Chemical Corps; Arkansas Army National Guard

Nicholas B. Muenzler — B.A. in political science; branching Infantry; Active Duty

David A. De Reyes — B.A. in Spanish; branching Air Defense Artillery; Active Duty

Noah D. Smith — B.A. in history; global studies and political science minors; branching Air Defense Artillery; Active Duty

Ryan D. Stanger — B.A. in history; branching Engineering Corps; Arkansas Army National Guard

Noah K. Tull — B.S.B.M.E. in biomedical engineering; branching Military Intelligence Corps; U.S. Army Reserves

*These lieutenants earned the Distinguished Military Graduate Award given to those who graduate in the top 20 percent of their ROTC class, nationally. The certificate is signed by Major General John R. Evans, commander of Cadet Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

There were approximately 150 in attendance. The ceremony was held on the Old Mail Lawn. Col. Mike Anderson, United States Army, retired, and distinguished graduate of our program, class of 1992, was the guest speaker. Other distinguished guests in attendance included:

  • Brynt Parmeter, United States Army, retired, and civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army
  • Robert Crawford, United States Army, retired, and president of the Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America
  • Terry Martin, vice chancellor of academic affairs

The Cadre of the U of A Army ROTC, Razorback Battalion, are extremely proud of our new second lieutenants. May they serve their country well.