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The Fayetteville City Council will vote Tuesday night on a resolution to support and possibly join litigation to block Act 1002, which prohibits public entities, including schools, from requiring masks



Fayetteville, ARK – According to the statement, the City Council will meet tomorrow for a special session and consider repealing or amending Act 1002.

The council’s resolution authorizes the city to join any litigation attempting to block Act 1002 and take legal action.

This is especially important to at least allow individual school districts to require masks because kids under 12 cannot get vaccinated.

The state is in another public health emergency with cases and hospitalizations surging because of the Delta variant and the state’s low vaccination rate.

The council vote comes on the heels of Little Rock schools superintendent Michael Poore asking the school board to sue the state. And Rogers attorney Tom Mars has said he will sue on behalf of parents of K-12 students.

The meeting will be held at 5:30pm Tuesday at City Hall.