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Some businesses to continue mask requirement despite state lifting mandate



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. —  Despite the statewide mask mandate being lifted some businesses are choosing to still require face coverings for its customers and patrons.

Attorney and Springdale City Council Member, Kevin Flores says he hopes people respect businesses and their guidelines, whether they require a mask or not.

If your business is requiring them, his advice is to have clear, visible signage throughout your business including the front door.

This is to avoid any misunderstandings and so that customers know exactly what is required of them as soon as they step foot inside.

“If I see a clear sign that is a clear stance on how they expect people to behave. Again, I emphasize that we are a year well into this pandemic. We know how to behave,” said Flores.

He says if there is a customer inside your business without a mask, remind them in a friendly way and try to handle the situation in a nonconfrontational way.

“This is really no different than a business requiring shoes or a shirt. If they are requiring a mask to enter their premises then they have that right and the ability within reason to enforce it.

Springdale Police tell us businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone not following its guidelines. Once a person is told to leave if they don’t police tell us that is considered criminal trespassing.

Despite these changes, Flores reminds folks that we are still in a pandemic and encourages people to follow good safety practices.

There are some other places that may still require you to wear a mask.

For example, there’s an executive order by President Joe Biden’s administration that requires mask wearing inside federal buildings and on federal land.

If you plan on taking a flight, you will still need to wear your mask at the airport and on airplanes and that’s under TSA and FAA regulations.

Getting on the Ozark Transit bus, well the CDC has an order in place requiring face covering for all travelers while on public transportation.