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Local residents teamed up with the local police department to make drivers hit the brakes in an area where speeding is a regular thing on a daily basis



Pottsville – As we all know by now, the speeding issue is present for years.

And with the rising population the issue is becoming much more concerning and the local residents are understandably fearing for their safety.

Although the locals requested help from the local police department in multiple occasion during the last couple of years, the issue is still persistent and Alexander decided to take care of the problem himself.

That said, his solution is a series of bright yellow signs paid for out of pocket to remind speedsters to hit the brakes, set up along the route and around the neighborhood to catch drivers’ attention.

Pottsville Police say the latest action taken by the residents is a proactive effort and they believe that working with the residents will bring much better results.

Local authorities say they believe the new signs will make drivers hit the brakes and hopefully tragedies will be avoided in the future.